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7/11/32 - Reg. B/T


Raleigh, N. C.,
July 11, 1932.

The first meeting of the consolidated Board of Trustees of the University was held at ten a. m. on the above date, His Excellency, Governor O. Max Gardner presiding.

The roll was called by Mr. London and the following Trustees were present:

A. T. Allen
Sidenham B. Alexander
Alexander B. Andrews
Paschal S. Boyd
Dudley Bagley
Kemp D. Battle
J. A. Rridger
Mrs. Minnie Mclver Brown
Marvin K. Blount
J. L. Becton
C. F. Cates
W. G. Clark
R. M. Cox
F. H. Coffey
Mrs. Laura W. Cone
Stuart W. Cramer
Josephus Daniels
Arthur M. Dixon
Claudius Dockery
John G. Dawson
Frank Dunlap
Sam J. Erwin, Jr.
R. R. Eagle
Richard T. Fountain
C. W. Gold
A. H. Graham
George C. Green
Junius D. Grimes
Mrs. E. C. Gregory
J. M. Gamewell
John Sprunt Hill
Rt. Rev. J. M. Horner
Luther T. Hartsell
John W. Hinsdale
A. A. Hicks
Charles A. Jonas
Kemp B. Lewis
L. J. Lawrence
Mrs. E. L. McRee
Henry M. London
R. E. Little
J. E. Millis
Rev. Charles E. Maddry
Rev. J. Thomas Mangum
Dr. J. G. Murphy
Walter Murphy
William D. Merritt
Harriss Newman
D. Reeves Noland
E. S. Parker, Jr.
Judge J. J. Parker
R. N. Page
Haywood Parker
R. Grady Rankin
Charles G. Rose
Henry M. Robins
Miss Easdale Shaw
George Stephens
Mrs. Loula McIver Scott
Fred I. Sutton
Lawrence Sprunt
W. T. Shore
Mrs. W. W. Tomlinson
Irvin B. Tucker
C. W. Tillett, Jr.
J. Kenyon Wilson
Graham Woodard
Francis D. Winston
Leslie Weil
W. C. Woodard
Charles Whedbee
Clarence Poe

Presidents Graham, Brooks and Foust were also present,

Governor Gardner welcomed the members of the Board of Trustees and gave a brief history of the origin of the idea of consolidating the University, The State College and the North Carolina College for Women and stated that no step had been taken without careful consideration and due deliberation. He said: "At the time I was a student at State College the standards were not very high. We had no high school system in the State. It was almost impossible to establish standard application to the state. While I was a student af the University of North Carolina I was invited to speak at State College. In my address I referred to some day in which consolidation would come to pass

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