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Gray. They visited such institutions as necessary to carry out their responsibilities and presented their report to the committee of three - Dr. McVey, Dr. Ford, and Dr. Works, who discussed this report with them and with all the material formally made a report.

A group of consultants was selected in order that we might have a point of view of men not involved in the study: Dr. Coffman Dr. Elliott, Dr. Suzzalo and Dr. Kelly and these men have given their best thought to this report.

At first we tried as completely as possible to wipe out any personal feeling so far as any individual was concerned. We felt that what the people of North Carolina wanted was a frank and honest statement of what we thought would be the best thing for North Carolina.

Second, we tried to get a state point of view. We must not let the point of view, the ambition of any institution or person determine what we tell the people of North Carolina. Unfortunately teachers colleges were not included in this study, therefore, we were not able to give a complete view with reference to these institutions. We have an incomplete picture in the sense that we cannot separate these institutions from the other institutions, because the three institutions are teacher training institutions which make factors in this picture.

Third, we tried to take a look into the future and tried to predict what would likely be the needs and what would be of greater service to the people of the State in the next twenty-five, fifty or seventy-five years. We have not made this report because we like to do it, but because we honesty believe this should be told the people of North Carolina. We are interested in thinking of what the people of the State will say in a number of years. What you do with it is your business, but we do feel that we. should tell you frankly what we felt should be done in this State.

At the first meeting of the Commission a complete agreement was had that we were to have a free hand in making the report. This has prevailed throughout the whole study. No individual or institution has tried to influence any member of this committee at any time. Complete and hearty cooperation has been given and feelings have been cordial. Therefore, it woul be very much easier to make a report that would leave every one happy.

Our suggestions, not in detail, but briefly:

Nothing said about large board. If we were making recommendation would not recommend a board of 102, but have talked with a number of North Carolina people who have seen it and you popple probably like it. Therefore nothing to say about it. It is contrary to administrative conditions generally. We suggest this, however, that you should as in the past form a rather small executive committeee and give to it very large powers. Also, I like to caution you that you cannot unite these three units overnight. It takes a long time and requires men and women of outstanding ability and personality. When you take three institutions like these you cannot unite them overnight. You have a large board of one hundred and remember it is this large board background out of which must come this spirit of these three institutions. There is almost going to be the danger that certain members of the board will be thought of as trustees of three institutions when that is not the truth. Each of you is a trustee of the University System. Do not lose sight of this fact. Therefore you should operate through one executive committee and not through three committees. Several suggested a very small executive committee with large powers. Also one president was suggested. The Commission chose to recommend to you that instead of using the term "president" you use the term "chancellor" and continue to use "president"for each one of the executives of the local branch. The matter should be dealt with by you. We did suggest the office of comptroller, to be responsible through the chancellor for the fiscal affairs and also one dean or director of the summer session and also of extension work.

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