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The faculty is an important factor and their point of view should have consideration. We recommended that the president should have an executive council whose members are chosen for one year.

The chief executive should be called a chancellor - a person who all the time is to think of the new university in terms of the entire state. The executive committee is to think all the time of the needs of this state for higher education in terms of the state. We are under no restrictions so far as law is concerned. First, we have suggested this: that gradually there should be transferred all work from the institution at Raleigh to Chapel Hill that is, above the junior college level. The junior college program represents the first two years of work in the institutions. First two years have not been as definitely organized but will ultimately take hold in this state. All of this work above the first two years should be transferred from Raleigh to Chapel Hill. That does not mean that the first two years at Raleigh should be inferior. They should be superior. They may go on to the completion of their four year program at Chapel Hill after two years here. Why have we suggested as radical a change as that, you ask. In the first place, you can't have a great school of engineering without a large development of the basic sciences, Chemistry, physics, biological sciences and mathematics must be highly developed for a good school of engineering. We were satisified as a result of conference that the state wanted a higher school of engineering in North Carolina. transfer engineering to Chapel Hill. Or as an alternative, develop your mathematics, physics, chemistry and biological sciences at Raleigh. This will call for considerable expansion and represent laege expenditure in dollars and cents to maintain the quality you should have at this institution. Could transfer the work in science above junior college level from Chapel Hill to Raleigh. Build up at Chapel Hill the law school, the professional school, based primarily on humanities and social sciences involves some serious problems. Two-year medical courses would need to be located here with sciences. The most outstanding university library in the South is at Chapel Hill. A good library is nor built up overnight.

Twenty-six institutions in Georgia to consider. One little library not exceeding three or four 'hundred hooks in one college. They are considering taking over the library of an other college which is going into bankruptcy. At least ninety, per cent of the books will not be any use to them at all. The great University Library of the South is at Chapel Hill.

We believe as a committee that there is very great value in having young men and young women who are entering different lines of state's activities on the same campus together. Get associations and points of view that are very valuable. Very valuable for prospective lawyers, business men and women to be educated on the same campus. There is one thing we did not call your attention to. You might maintain strong work in science both at Raleigh and Chapel Hill but in view of the financial situation which exists in this state, the committee did not believe it was justified in making any such recommendation because the state does not have population or resources, ano in the second place, you must remember that this change we are talking about will last over a long period of time. Not a question of dollars and cents, but what will be saved in the future, and what is more important, the quality of work done. A further factor in engineering situation: In Dr. Wickenden's judgment, the outstanding school of engineering in the South is at Chapel Hill so far as quality of work is concerned. When it comes to sanitary engineering, there is no institution in the United States doing better work in that line. You cannot effect a spiritual unit of widely institutions overnight. Wipe out the Chapel Hill school of engineering if you chose, but do not transfer it. The people of this state would hesitate a long time before disposing of the outstanding school of engineering of the South.

We recommend the transfer from Greensboro of all professional education above junior college level except the training of teachers and workers. In our judgment,

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