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authorized and directed to make temporary provision for the conduct
of the Unit at Chapel Hill in the interval*
Mr. A. H. Graham moved that the above recommendations of the executive committee be adopted. Seconded and carried.
Dr. Foust presented his biennial report of the Woman's College at Greensboro which he discussed in detail.
Dr. Brooks made his report for the State College which he supplemented with a detailed oral statement.
President Graham made an oral report showing the present status
and financial plight of the University.
Mr. Whedbee moved that the reports be received and filed for
such future action the board might see fit to take on them. Carried.
Mr. Daniels moved that the Governor appoint a committee of seven
to act with the President of the University in making a study of
these institutions and report back to the full board when called together by the Governor.
Mr. Whedbee moved that Mr. Daniels' motion be amended by adding
the word "continuing" before the word "cominittee". Carried.
Mr. Battle suggested that a meeting be called by the Governor before the June meeting for the purpose of hearing the report of this continuing committee - after and as soon as the Governor discerns such decision will have to be taken.
Mr. Murphy said he thought that this meeting should be called
when the Governor is aware of the fact that the continuing committee is ready to report.
Mrs. Scott moved that a committee be appointed from the trustees
to go before the appropriations committee with Dr. Graham. Seconded
by Mr. Tillett and carried.
Dr. Poe moved that the Governor appoint the committee of seven
The following Committee on Visitation and Assistance in working
out reorganization plans for the Greater University was appointed
by Governor Ehringhaus:
Josephus Daniels,
A.W. McLean,
Mrs. Laura Weil Cone,
Charles W. Tillett,Jr.
Irvin B. Tucker,
Clarence Poe,
Charles Whedbee


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