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summarily recommended in effect provisions for a junior and
senior undergraduate woman's college, a summer session, and an
extension division at Greensboro; a junior college at Raleigh; and
at Chapel Hill, a junior and senior college, school of engineering,
school of commerce, school of public welfare, school of agricul-
ture and forestry, school of industries, school of law, school of
medicine, school of pharmacy, school of fine arts, school of home
economics, the summer school, and the extension division. The
reasons for these recommendations are set forth in the 1932
report of the commission.

The commission on consolidation did not adopt for recommen-
dation to the trustee the most drastic of these recommendations
but recommended some entire parts of the recommendations and
modified some other parts.

The board of trustees, November 14, 1932, passed the following
resolution: "Resolved, that the trustees of the University declare
it to be their purpose to observe with full loyalty, both the letter
and spirit of the legislative mandate to preserve the integrity of
the institutions at Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Greensboro, and de-
clare it to be the sense of this board that the high standards of
these institutions shall be maintained, and specifically that there
is no intention to demote any of the institutions to the rank of
junior college or to discontinue the schools of engineering at
Chapel Hill or Raleigh." Under a resolution of the board the
governor appointed the trustees' committee to advise on further
steps in consolidation.

The actual steps in consolidation to date are:

1. One board of trustees.

2. One executive committee of the board.

3. One president.

4. One controller.

5. One administrative council of representatives of the three
institutions and their faculties.

6. Transformation of three schools of education into depart-

7. No new registration in the school of business at State Col-

8. No new registration in elementary education in the college
at Chapel Hill.

9. Discontinuance of the library school at the Woman's Col-
lege, with a later provision made, on recommendation of the presi-

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