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business of the State College of Agriculture and Engineering of
the University at Raleigh.

II. Discontinuance of each of these schools and the curricula
of each of these schools within three years.

III. The establishment at State College of a general college of
two years of basic courses in the humanities, natural and exact
sciences, and the social sciences as the foundation of the schools
of agriculture and forestry, textiles and engineering. The faculty
of each technological school to provide, in the pre-school curricula
of the general college, for a minimum of general technical and spe-
cial technical courses to meet the individual aptitudes and choices
of the students. The faculty of the general college to provide in
the curricula of the upper years of each technological school for
a minimum of the more general cultural courses in the humanities,
natural sciences, and social sciences.

The curricula thus cooperatively made by the several faculties
to be reviewable by the dean of administration with the college fac-
ulty advisory committee and Anally, by the president with the
administrative council of the whole University. No degrees to be
given by the general college. Degrees to be given in the tech-
nological schools.

IV. Effective September, 1935, no new admission of women
students to the freshman and sophomore classes at the University
at Chapel Hill and at State College.

V. The establishment of an all-University division of educa-
tion on a functional basis for the training of teachers and to give
unity and leadership to professional education in North Carolina.
All undergraduate elementary education to be at the Woman's
College. Professional education at State College to be confined to
agricultural education and industrial arts. Secondary education
to be provided both at Chapel Hill and the Woman's College.
Supervision and administration to be only on the graduate level
and all graduate work in education, excepting vocational educa-
tion at State College, to be at Chapel Hill. Physical education to
be a department in the college of arts and sciences at the Woman's
College and at Chapel Hill; and to be a department in the general
college at State College and to be available as courses but not as a
curriculum in all the technological schools at State College. The
departments of education at the Woman's College and at Chapel
Hill to be in both the college of arts and sciences and the all-
University division of education. The department of vocational
education in agriculture to be in both the college of agriculture

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