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and the all-University division of education. The department of
vocational education in industrial arts will be in both the school of
engineering and in the all-University division of education. All
new registrations in the department of education at State Col-
lege to be in vocational education.

VI. A department of art to be established at Chapel Hill and at
the Woman's College.

VII. In the all-University graduate school graduate work as
far as practicable to be concentrated at Chapel Hill and admin-
istered by a dean and graduate council organized on a functional
basis and appointed by and responsible to the president. All doc-
tor's degrees to be given as now at Chapel Hill but on the basis of
the resources of the Consolidated University.

The master's degree in agriculture and forestry, the postgradu-
ate or graduate degree in textiles and textile research, the pro-
fessional or graduate degree in vocational education in agricul-
ture and in industrial arts, and the professional, postgraduate, or
graduate degrees in engineering to be given at State College under
the authority of the dean and council of the graduate school.

The master's degree in home economics and the postgraduate,
professional, or graduate degree in secretarial science to be given
at the Woman's College.

All duplication of supporting departments on the graduate level
to be reduced to a minimum through mobility of students and

In reaching these conclusions I have had the advice and values
of many experts and many committees. To all these I am humbly
but deeply grateful. For the recommendations, however, I take
entire responsibility.

These recommendations are submitted by way of allocation of
functions, coordination of colleges, schools, and divisions, and con-
solidation of the resources, opportunities and values of the whole
University, not to destroy but to fulfill the functions and the
great democratic mission of the University of North Carolina as
the University of all the people, through all the generations to

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