Volume 01: July 11, 1932–July 8, 1938





Governor Gardner laid before the Board a petition from Mr. L. A. Tatum of Belmont. Mr. Hicks moved that the Trustees receive the Tatum petition and that it shall have due consideration. Carried.

Dr. Poe moved that a committee be appointed to draw resolutions to Messrs. A. J. Connor, B. F. Shelton, C. A. Penn and J. D. Murphy. Carried. The following committees were appointed:

A. J. Connor: Messrs. F. D. Winston., M. K. Blount and Mrs. Jos. A. Brown. B. F. Shelton: Messrs, W. G, Clark, Dudley Bagley and Irvin B. Tucker C. A. Penn: Messrs: Burton Craige, R. A. Doughton and Mrs. Lillie M. Mebane J. D. Murphy: Messrs. Junius Grimes, J. L. Nelson and Miss Easdale Shaw.

Mr. Murphy moved that Dr. Graham be invited to come before the Board. Carried. Mr. Murphy and Governor McLean were appointed by the Governor as a committee to bring in Dr. Graham. Governor McLean introduced Dr. Graham.

Dr. Graham said: "i want to say that in this very difficult situation in our State that we are going to need and expect the cooperation of all the members of the Board of Trustees and the administration and facilities of the three institutions, alumni bodies and the people of North Carolina to do this very difficult piece of work of consolidation so that we will be free, and fair, and intelligent in. the long run with the best interest of the whole state in mind, and it is in some such spirit as that that I try to take up this work that you have given me--take it up together with you and the three institutions and the people of the State."

Governor Gardner announced the appointment of the following committee to recommend a vice-president for the Chapel Hill unit: A. W. McLean, Chairman, Josephus Daniels, John J. Parker, John Sprunt Hill and Arthur M. Dixon.

Mr. Murphy read the following memorial tribute to the late A. A. Shuford:

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Abel Alexander Shuford, of Hickory, N. C., a devoted son of the University, a member of its Board of Trustees, passed away while in surf bathing at Virginia Beach, Virginia, on the 3rd day of Sept., 1932. Born in Hickory, N. C., March 25, 1879, son of a worthy and honored sire, he came into manhood and citizenship in his home town, called to active life by the death of his father, he assumed the management of large affairs and conducted them with fidelity, integrity and success. Alex Shuford, as he was familiarly called, was one of the too unfamiliar type who live in the atmosphere of public service, in touch with people of all classes, serving the community and humanity in and by numerous activities who never violated a trust or betrayed a confidence; one who won the love, respect and good will of the people - and held it, by devotion to duty, a correct life and a belief in the brotherhood of man.

He served the State, as a member of the General Assembly, where he represented its best interests and maintained the highest ideals, he served this University as a wise counsellor he served humanity as an exemplar of the noblest of its highest attribute-charity, a charity without ostentation, he served his God, by following his commands, and has left us the remembrance of a life fragrant with good deeds and honest purpose.

In 1905, he was happily married to Maud Ferguson, of Waynesville, a woman of rare charm and grace, these two reared a family of fine, sturdy and highly endowed children who will carry on with the same high resolve and purpose which animated their father- to them, in their bereavement, the Baard of Trustees extend deep sympathy and its congratulations that they were part and parcel of his life.

Respectfully submitted

Walter Murphy W. T. Shore George L. Lyerly Committee

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The Secretary read the following memorial resolution on the death of Mr. Charles W. Gold:


WHEREAS, on September 21, 1932, Charles Wyllis Gold, a member of this Board of Trustees, who had just been selected for further responsible service as a member of the Executive Committee was accidentally killed while hunting in Randolph county.

RESOLVED, That it is the desire of the Board of Trustees to express its profound regret at the loss North Carolina has sustained in the death of so valuable a citizen and civic leader; to convey to his family an expression of our sympathy, and to place on our records the following brief recard of his life:

Charles W. Gold was born in Wilson, N. C., in 1874, and entered N. C. State College in 1891, graduating with a. B. S. in Agriculture in 1895. After a brief period on the farm he entered newspaper work in Wilson. In August, 1907, he, with his brother, P. D. Gold, founded the Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company with home offices in Raleigh, he himself acting as secretary and superintendent of agencies. Five years later the company was moved to Greensboro, Mr. Gold becoming first treasurer and late vice-president. He became president of the Pilot Life insurance Company in 1830 when that company was taken over by the Jefferson Standard. He served four years as a member of the executive committee of the American Life Convention and in 1930 was president of this national organization. Always profoundly interested in his alma mater, he served as a member of its board of trustees from 1903 till this year, as as secretary of the Board from 1907 till this year. In this connection it would seem fitting that a tribute paid Mr. Gold by President E. C. Brooks on the day of Mr. Gold's death be made a part of this report. President Brooks said:

"Mr. Charles W. Gold, a distinguished alumnus of State College, was graduated from this institution in the class of 1895. At the time of his fatal accident he was a recognized leader in the business and civic life

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1/23/33 - Reg. Exec.


of the state and nation. His influence on State College has been very great, for he served his alma mater as a member of its board of trustees, as secretary of its executive committee, and as friend and counsellor for many years. At the time of his death he was a member of the Board of trustees and of the Executive Committee of the New University, which includes State College.

"Good citizenship and how to promote it among the youth of our great State was a passion with him, and his major concern for the instruction at State College was that the young men attending this institution should have an exalted conception of the ideals of a good citizen. He founded the Elder P. D. Gold Citizenship Medal, in memory of his father, that the best civic ideals might be held up continually before the student body of this institution. This award has been made annually for many years to the best all-round citizen among the students of State College, and the donor was always present when the award, was made and showed real interest and keen satisfaction at the fine qualities of citizenship portrayed and at the interest the students exhibited.

"It is impossible to estimate the influence of his life and ideals on the student body of this institution. State College mourns his untimely passing."

Clarence Poe S. B. Alexander Josephus Daniels. Committee

Mr. Haywood Parker moved the adoption of the above papers. Carried.

At 1:15, on motion of Mr. Clark, the meeting adjourned.

Henry M. London [signature] Secretary.

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The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina met at 8 o'clock on the above date, with the following present;

Governor J. C. B. Ehringhaus, who presided Josephus Daniels Charles Whedbee Walter Murphy S. B. Alexander Haywood Parker Leslie Weil Clarence Poe I. B. Tucker John Sprunt Hill Mrs. Julius W. Cone Miss Easdale Shew.

A letter was read from Judge John J. Parker expressing regret at his inability to be present.

President Frank P. Graham was also present.

The minutes of the meeting of November 14th were read and approved.

Mr. Daniels, in the absence of Ex-Governor A.W. McLean, reported for the special committeee for recommending a Vice-President for the Chapel Hill unit, stating that the committeee recommended the election of Dr. L. R. Wilson, former University Librarian. He stated, however, that he, himself, was still of the opinion that it was unnecessary and unwise for a Vice-President to be elected; that during these hard times consolidation was the more imperative and that duplication should be cut out. He thought that this additional money for a Vice President at Chapel Hill should not be expended. Mr. Haywood Parker expressed the view that consolidation was the best for the ultimate success of higher education in North Carolina, that we should go forward united and win a victory out of defeat. He agreed with Mr. Daniels that this question of a Vice-President for the Chapel Hill unit be deferred, that the financial situation did not justify it.

Mr. Parker moved that the Executive Committee recommend to the Board of Trustees that the matter of election of a Vice President for the Chapel Hill unit and carried be deferred for future action. Seconded and carried.

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