Volume 01: July 11, 1932–July 8, 1938




1/24/33 - Reg. B/T


Governor Ehringhaus expressed himself strongly in favor of consolidation, that co-ordination was essential to the life and growth of the three units.

Dr. Poe suggested that Dr. E. C. Brooks be invited to address the full board briefly at its next meeting on the agricultural needs of the State College.

Mr. Whedbee moved that Dr. Brooks be invited to make such brief address. Seconded and carried.

The meeting than adjourned.

Henry M. London [signature] Secretary

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The winter meeting of the Board of Trustees was held in the Governor's office at 11 a. m. on the above date, His Excellency Governor J. C. Ehnringhaus presiding. The following trustees were present:

S. B. Alexander A. B. Andrews Dudley Bagley Kemp D. Battle Marvin K. Blount T. C. Bowie C. F. Cates W. G. Clark R. M. Cox F. H. Coffey H. G. Connor Burton Craige Josephus Daniels Arthur M. Dixon R. A. Doughton Frank Dunlap Sam J. Ervin, Jr. R. R. Eagle A. D. Folger James A. Gray A. H. Graham A. A. Hicks John S. Hill Robert E. Little Kemp P. Lewis Henry M. London Mrs. Lillie M. Mebane Mrs. E. L. McKee Wm. D. Merrit H. Parse Rev. C. E. Maddry Rev. J. T. Mangum Walter Murphy J. E. Millis Harriss Newman Clarence Poe E. S. Parker, Jr. R. N. Page C. G. Rose Henry M. Robins R. Grady Rankin Miss Easdale Shaw George Stephens Fred I. Sutton Mrs. Lula M. McI. Scott Mrs. May L. Tomlinson Irvin B. Tucker C. W. Tillett, Jr. J. K. Wilson Graham Woodard Francis D. Winston Leslie Weil George R. Ward W. C. Woodard Charles Whedbee John W. Hinsdale Mrs. Laura W. Cone

President Graham, Vice-Presidents Brooks and Foust, and Executive Secretary R. B. House were also present.

Letters were read from the meeting of the trustees of November 14, 1932, and of the executive committee of January 23, 1933, were read and approved.

The secretary read the following report of the Escheator, which on motion was received:

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87 To the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina Met at Raleigh, N. C. January twenty-fourth, 1933, A. D.

Joseph B. Chesire, Jr., your Escheator, begs to make the following report:

First: That he has received no monies since the last report, in which he reported the balance on hand paid to the University of North Carolina. He thinks that, perhaps, two or three thousand dollars may be collected from certain Clerks of the Superior Courts within the next few weeks, but he is, of course, not absolutely certain

Second: That Mr. W. B. Snow, an alumnis, of Kinston, N. C., has submitted an opinion that the Ninteen Thirty-one (1931) Amendment to the Workmen's Compensation Act is unconstitutional, in that it attemps to pay the North Carolina Industrial Commissions awards to persons who have no next of kin. Your Escheator agrees with this opinion entirely.

Third: That for sometime it has been quite evident, and your Escheator has made several reports thereon, that much larger sums could be secured from the Clerks of the Superior Courts of unclaimed funds due the University of North Carolina by employing some reliable person to examine the Annual Reports and records of the CLerks of the Superior Courts throughout the State. Your Escheator again brings this matter to your attention and urges that it be referred to the new Escheat Committee with power to act.

Respectfully Submitted, (signed) Joseph B. Chesire, Jr. Escheator University of North Carolina.

The following recommendations from the faculty for honorary degrees were presented by President Graham to be conferred at the next commencement and the same were duly ratified:

For the degree of Ll. D., JOHN SPRUNT HILL, -- an alumnis of the University, distinguished in public life as a lawyer, banker, highway commissioner, and legislator ; an effective writer and speaker in support of a find civic program; a pioneer in building a better life for farmers and in etending the field of rural credit; a University Trustee, chairman of the Building Committee, and benefactor both in buildings and collections and in numerous additions to the University's life.

For the degree of Ll. D., WALTER LEE LINGLE, -- long prominent as a minister of the Presbyterian Church, as Presiden of the Union Theological Seminary, and now as President of Davidson College.

For the degree of Ll. D. THURMAN DELINA KITCHEN, -- an effective teacher of medicine and an administrator in Wake Forest College for many years, and now distinguished as its President.

For the degree of Ll. D., CHARLES HOLMES HERTY, -- a former teacher in the University; chemist, investigator; publisher, editor; and organizer in both the purely scientific field and in the industrial field of chemistry; twice President of the American Chemical Society; special commissionar in Europe under President Wilsonl distinguished, also, for his work in the South Atlantic States on pine growths and products.

(signed) R. B. House, Secretary of the Faculty.

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The following Certificate of Incorporation of the Battle Park Association was presented by Mr. House and was duly approved:




BATTLE PARK ASSOCIATION This is to certify, that we, the undersigned in number, all of whom are residents of the State of North Carolina, do hereby associate ourselves into a corporation under and by the laws of the State of North Carolina as contained in chapter 22 of the Consolidated Statutes of North Carolina and amendments thereto, and to that end do hereby set forth: . 1.

That the name of the corporation shall be Battle Park Association (Battle Park Memorial Association )?

2. The location of the principal office of the corporation shall be in the town of Chapel Hill, County of Orange and State of North Carolina. 3. The period of existence of the corporation shall be sixty years. <


The objects and purposes for which the corporation is formed are as follows: (a) To improve, preserve and care for those areas of the ^ property of the University of North Carolina known as "Battle Park , **Lake Reservoir Region", and such other areas as may be designated by the University Trustees, by building and maintaining trails, walk ways, bridges and bridge paths therein, by removing onstructions to the streams, by improving the batural springs, by clearing our dead and fallen timber and the removal of brush, and by the maintenance pj. healthful and sanitary conditions therein, by protecting the birds and game; and by developing these regions in such a manner, by plant­ ing and otherwise, as to serve as far as possible as arborebains, botanical gardens and bird and game sanctuaries. To mark the main entrance to Battle Park with an appropriate tablet commemorating the interest in and the care taken oi, the park by Dr. Kemp P. Battle; to suitable mark such other areas as may be under the jurisdiction of the corporation and in commemoration of certain individuals; also to mark, name and otherwise designate the trails and paths therein; to stimulate a greater use of the facilities of Battle Park for recreational purposes by stidenrs of^the University of North ^arolina and others; to develop in the users oi Battle Pa.i.^. and the other areas a greater care and regard to the trees and snrnbbery therein: _ , ^ ,, . _ ^ ' (b) To do and perform any and all acts and things necessary oi reasonably incident to the accomplishment of the aforesaid objects and purposes of the corporation not inconsistent wit.n the laws.oi the State of North Carolina; and to cooperate with other organizations and agencies in carrying out the purposes of this corporation. The corporation shall be a non-profit corporation hav ng no capital stock and receiving no compensation from the University of North Carolina nor from the State of North Carolina, nor snail any operations be carried on by the corporation for monetary profit 6. The names and post office addresses of the members or incor­ porators are as follows:

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The Board of Directors of the said corporation shall consist of five members which said number may be, from time to time, increased as provided by the Bylaws. Said Board of Directors shall have power by vote of a majority thereof to make, alter, amend or rescind the Bylaws of said corporation, which shall remain in full force and effect until amended by the Board of Directors or the members thereof.

In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and affixed our seals this the ______ day of ________________ 193_____

_________________ (SEAL)

Mr. House further presented the following resolution relative to the Alumni Loyalty Fund:

Whereas, it is necessary that the Alumi Loyalty Fund obtain the permission of the University Board of Trustees to carry on its work,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Alumni Loyalty Fund Council om session assembled ask the permission of the Board of Trustees to continue its functions during another year.

Be it also resolved that the Council seek the permission of the Board of Trustees to expend its current collected receipts of from its existent resources, and not from any State funds, the sum of §3,666.22 as an operating budget for the period between January 1 and June 30, 1933, this amount being only 68 per cent of the budget which was approved for last year.

I do hereby certify that the above resolution is an excerpt from the Minutes of the Alumni Loyalty Fund Council in annual session January 22, 1933.

Respectfully submitted,

(Signed) Felix A. Grissette, Secretary.

On motion, the request contained in the above resolution was granted. Mr. Mr. Murphy presented to the committee the following recommendation of the Committee on Memorial Tablets in Memorial Hall, which on motion duly made and seconded was adopted:

To the Trustees of the University of North Carolina:

The Committee on Memorial Tablets in Memorial Hall recommends that the family of the late Andrew H. Patterson, an alumnus of the University and former Professor of Physics at the University, be invited to perpetuate his memory by the erection of a suitable tablet in Memorial Hall in Chapel Hill, under the rules and regulations heretofore adopted by the Board of Trustees.

(Signed) Stahle Linn, Chairman K. D. Battle Alexander B. Andrews Walter Murphy .

The Secretary read the recommendation of the Executive Committee that the matter of the election of a Vice-President for the Chapel Hill Unit be deferred for future action, and that President Graham be

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