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Office of the Governor, Raleigh, N.Carolina, January 24, 1933.

The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina met at 1:15 p.m. on the above date, immediately following the adjournment of the full Board. The following were present:

Governor J. C. B. Ehringhaus, who presided. Charles Whedbee, S. B. Alexander, Haywood Parker, Leslie Weil, I. B. Tucker, John Sprunt Hill, Miss Easdale Shaw, Mrs Julius W. Cone, and Dr. Clarence Poe

President Graham and Dr. E. C. Brooks were also present.

Mr. I. B. Tucker offered, by request of a group of State College Alumni, the following resolution:

"Moved that the General Assembly be requested to pass the necessary legislation to enable and authorize the Board of Trustees to apply for a loan, not to exceed Thirty Thousand ($30,000) Dollars, from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, under the provisions of Sub—section (1) of Section (201) of the Emergency Relief and Construction Act of 1932, for the purpose of constructing additional seating capacity for atheletic contests held on the North Carolina State College Campus.

It is understood that this loan will be self-liquidating, all amortization and interest charges to be paid out of gate receipts and that the general income or funds of the N. C. State College shall not be directly or indirectly pledged or obligated for the payment of any interest or principal on the said loan. NOTE: - The construction of this additional seating capacity is made necessary by the deterioration and consequent removal of the wooden stands on Riddick Field, so that the remaining seating capacity is totally inadequate to accomodate the spectators."

After discussion it was moved and carried to appoint a committee to investigate the matter contained in the resolution and report at a later date .

President Graham reported that Dr. E. A. Abernathy, the University physician, had resigned and Dr. Foy Roberson had been appointed to be temporarily in charge of the University Infirmary.

Henry M. London [signature] Secretary.

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The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina met at eleven o'clock a. m. on the above date with the following present: Governor Ehringhaus, who presided, and

Josephus Daniels Haywood Parker Charles Whedbee Walter Murphy Clarence Poe Leslie Weil Mrs. Julius W. Cone Miss Easdale Shaw

President Frank Graham was also present.

A letter was read from Mr. S. B. Alexander expressing regret at his inability to be present, due to absence from the State.

Mr. Daniels, Chairman, made an informal report for the Committee on Reorganization. He stated that sub committees had been appointed to make a study and report on the separate University Units as follows: Messrs. Whedbee and Tucker on the Chapel Hill Unit; Messrs. McLean and Poe on the State College Unit and Mr. Tillett and Mrs. Cone on the N. C. C. W. Unit, the report on this latter unit being already completed. Mr. Murphy moved that the report on the N. C. C. W. Unit be withheld until the other reports were ready and all made at one time to a meeting of the Executive Committee to be called by the Governor in May.

Mr. Daniels further stated that the Committee on Reorganization recommended that a comptroller for the greater University be elected at once so that plans might be made for a centralized fiscal control.

Governor Ehringhaus expressed gratification that a beginning was being made on the consolidation program.

President Graham recommended the name of Mr. Chas. T. Woollen for comptroller of the greater University. Mr. Murphy moved that Mr. Woollen be elected comptroller, his salary to remain the same as at present to the end of the fiscal year, June 30th next. Seconded by Dr. Poe and unanimously carried.

Mrs. Cone moved that the comptroller submit to the Executive Committee, as soon as practicable, his recommendations as to the plan of business set-up for the three units. Seconded and carried.

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The Secretary called attention to the recent death of Rt. Rev. Junius H. Horner, Episcopal Bishop, of Asheville, a member of the Board of Trustees. The Governor appointed the following committee to prepare suitable resolutions to be presented at the next meeting of the Board. Messrs. Kemp P. Lewis, A. A. Hicks and Mrs. E. L. McKee.

The recommendation of the President Graham that a six weeks summer school be held at Raleigh and Greensboro each and a full summer school at Chapel Hill for this year was approved.

Mr. H Parker moved that it was the sense of the Executive Committee that the summer meeting of the full Board of Trustees be held in Raleigh, the date to be set by the Governor prior to June 4, the beginning of the N. C. C. W. Commencement. Carried.

President Graham presented Mr. Schaub, Dean of Agriculture, and Mr. T. E. Browne, Dean of Vocational Education at State College, who stated that they were unofficially advised that the Director of the Federal Budget had rcommended to the President the withdrawal of federal funds appropriated to agriculture and vocational education, etc., and expended through State College as follows:

Land Scrip Fund ---------------------------- $ 33,000.00 Agricultural Experiment Station------------- 90,000.00 Agricultural Extension---------------------- 363,152.11 Teaching Home Economics and Agriculture and Industrial School classes------------- 288,000.00

Total----------------- $ 774,152.11

Governor Eringhaus read a telegram addressed to President Roosevelt requesting that he give most serious consideration before withdrawing the above funds. He stated that he was also requestign the cooperation of Senators Bailey and Reynolds.

On recommendation of President Graham, acceptance was given to an offer by the Northwester Yeast Company of Chicago to establish a fellowship at State College of $600.00 a year for two years with an appropriation of $1,000.00 for a building for research.

The meeting then adjourned.

[siganture] Secretary.

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The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina met at 3:30 p. m. on the above date with the following present:

Governor, Ehringhaus, who presided, Judge John J. Parker, Haywood Parker, S. B. Alexander, Charles Whedbee, Clarence Poe, Leslie Weil, Irvin B. Tucker, John Sprunt Hill, Mrs. Julius W. Cone and Miss Easdale Shaw.

President Frank Graham and Comptroller Charles T. Woollen were also present.

A message was read from Mr. Walter Murphy expressing regret at his inability to be present owing to absence from the State.

Minutes of the meeting of April 11 were read and approved.

Mr. Tucker moved that recommendation be made to the full board for the additional appointment by the Governor of three members on the special committee making a study of the three units of the University. Seconded and carried.

Judge Parker moved that this meeting be Made an executive session. Carried.

A written report was submitted by Mrs. Cone for the sub-committee consisting of herself and Mr. C. W. Tillett, Jr., on the Woman's College unit and written recommendation by Mr. Whedbee for the sub-committee consisting of himself and Mr. Tucker on the Chapel Hill unit. Dr. Clarence Poe requested further time in which to prepare the report on the State College unit to be made by himself and ex-Governor McLean.

Mr. Haywood Parker moved that these reports be referred to President Graham for study and presentation to the full board on June 3 of those recommendations on which, in his opinion, immediate action is required. Seconded by Miss Shaw and carried.

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President Graham made an informal verbal report on routine matters in connection with the University.

Comptroller C. T. Woollen made a written report with recommendations as to the plan of the business set-up for the three units .

At 7 p. m. the meeting adjourned.

Henry M. London Secretary.

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