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Oak Grove Sept. 23rd 1821

Dear William,
It was with pleasure we received your
first & second letters, which informed us of your health
and progress in your studies, we are much pleased
and grateful to hear that you are content with
your home, and so much in love with the judge.
We have reason to hope from the delight the judge takes
in instructing & exploring intricate cases to his pupils that
you all will benefit by his labours, & that each of
your parents will not regret the trouble & expense that
it must surely cost them: With solicitude I look forward
to the time when you may not only feel & hope (for) the ad-
vantages of your present oppportunities but that you
will adorn (yourself in them) & benefit the society - that you may be called
to sojourn among - while in this mode of existence.

Among all the attainments in this life there is one that from
it importance & duration, and to object in view is by far par-
-ramount to all others. Our Saviour. being Judge says
there is one thing (read as: one being)d mindful & as he is the giver of every good
and perfect gift: I would my son with the most
earnest solicitude advise you to apply to Him who
refuses none that appease: Who giveth liberally & avoid-
-eth not --Who giveth life & immortality to all that appease upon [him].

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