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are reared for his accomodation where like Demosthenes in his cave
he may pursue his studies in peace and tranquility without [?]
free from the noise and disturbance of the busy world: Libraries
are open for his perusal from which he may cull the brightest trea-
sures from the rich stones of ancient and modern literature. Instruc-
tors are procured to remove every thing that might impede his way
and to direct his erring course up the hill of science. Possessed of all these
advantages what difficulty so embarrassing that he cannot remove:
what obstacle so inaccessible that he cannot surmount? What height
so lofty that he cannot attain? The more [?] stubborn obstacles that op-
pose his progress are beaten down like the rugged rocks on the Alpine
heights by the victorious Annibal while the slighter difficulties are
swept from before him like sand before the rapid torrent. There is
no branch of science but what he can pursue; none but what he
can acquire. He may scan the heavens with a Newton or explore the
arcana of the mind with a Locke. Should he delight in history, in learning
how states and empires have risen, declined and fallen, how countries have
been lost and won, and all the various revolutions of the world, here
may he peruse the instructive pages of Tacitus, Gibbon, Hume and Ramsay.
Should he be delighted with the sublimity of poetry and melody of song here are
Homer, Virgil, Milton & Shakespeare to blend delight with instruc-
tion and to incubate the noblest precepts under the sweetest harmony
of verse. Or should eloquence fix his youthful attention, here may
he burn in the rapid blaze of Demosthenes and tremble at the
thunder of Cicero; here may he listen to the manly eloquence of
Burke and sit enraptured under the enchanting strains of Henry.
In short whatever study should engage his mind here flourishes
a garden of many fruits from which he may chose those adapt-
ed to his taste. To improve the heart as well as the understanding

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