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of the modern Green language. He spoke our language quite fluently and his address was much
admired. After the debate was concluded, several subjects of literary interest were proposed
for consideration and enquiry, which upon being moved, drew from the mover some
remarks upon their nature and object. Mr. [David?] Sparkes made several short
addresses in this way. A short time before the meeting adjourned Dr. Wainwright
of Grace Church N. York, prosed an expression by the meeting of the satisfaction
and instruction which they had derived from the convention and made some
very appropriate and eloquent remarks upon the occasion. A vote of thanks was
given to the President of the Convention Dr. Bates President of Middlebury Colledge
Vermont, to which he returned a very happy reply and there after prayer
by Dr. Morgan? the convention adjourned to meet again next fall.
Among the members of whom you have heard something and which
were pointed out to me by a gentleman who sat near me, was Noah
Webster, author of the Dictionary, Professor Patton?, Dr Woolbredge? author
of the geography and Colonel Knapp, author of Knapp's dictionary. I was very
sorry that I did not see and hear Mr. Gallatinn who made a speech the
evening before my visit. Mr Livingstone, the U.S. Senator from Louisiana
had also spoken a day or two before. I did not think any of the speakers
whom I heard were as eloquent as Mr. Gaston, but there was much good
sense and sound reasoning in their remarks. Dr Wainright, I thought to be
most of the orator. I was highly gratified at the visit and could have
gladly spent several day in the same way, had an occasion & my business
permitted. The night previous to my visit to the convention I went
to the Park Theatre to see Miss Clara Fisher. The decorations of the Theatre
were very elegant and the performance quite equal to my expectations.
Miss Fisher I found to be a great favorite. She was encored every time she
sang and had to return and sing each song a second time. She acted a
male part in the force to wit, that of the Little Sargeant in the Invincibles
and did ample justice to the character. On Sunday I went in the
forenoon to the Catholic Church. I saw what the protestants call a
great deal of mummery but hear some most delightful music. I
had never known until then how much music is calculated to height-
en the feeling of devotion. The priest delivered a good and perfectly un-
exceptionable sermon, but spoilt the whole after he had finished by reading
from little scraps of paper, that the souls of persons who had recently died were
to be prayed for. In the afternoon, a friend took me over to Brooklin
which is a beautiful place, and from which there are fine views of
New York, the harbor, shipping, etc etc. On Monday morning 10 o'clock. I left
the city, crossed over to Hoboken on the Jersey side, and took the stage for Patterson,

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