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reveal the letter and direct it to [?] for me.
I am anxious to hear what excuse the Dr. puts fourth for
not writing sooner.

Mr. I. [?] D [?} and familiy now reside in
[Chowan?] County near Ed[?]. Mr. I. [?} Johnson as [?]
inducement to Mr. [?][ to settle near him gave him
a most excellent farm -- provisions of all kinds --0 crop of
the last year --- in fact every thing to make it complete.
This is the place [?] form when ce Sally Anne dates
her letter. Since the death fo Miss Fanny Johnston -- her
hyounger sister Miss Hellen is extrememely desirous of having
the constant company of her relation & particular friedn
Mrs Wyman. this I believe to have been the moving cause
of the present arrangement.

The winter has been much more favourable than
the preceeding one as to healthfulness --but still we have
lost some of our most valuable citiziens.-- of these
Col. Randolph & T W Norfleet were perhaps of your
acquaintance. Matilda will know Mrs [?] of MBoro --
these have gone to test hte truths of Eternity -- and the
places tha tnow know us will soon know us no more
forever. We know not how soon it may be said us
he a she is gone to give an account for the deeds

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