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well; Thom, has been confined with the
rheumatism, consequetly, not doing so well.
Mr Jordan is getting on about the same old
say. William is going to School -- learns fast
but is very michievous.

Uncle Jordan has just returned from Texas
much pleased & will move there, this fall.
Uncle Wm. [Still's?] wife came over with him
" william is expected some time this mo.
this is what I have heard -- I have not seen
any of them, since the last of February.
I intend going as soon as I hear of Uncle
William's arrival. Isaace Dortch has
located himself in Gaston, a small vilage
in the lower part of this county. Thos.
Cooper is living with Burwell Bunn, IU
can't find out what he is going to do--he
says he don't himself. We have a great
many idle young men here. Some take to
dissipation for want of better employment;
others naturally love it. Business very dull,
but few speculations going on. Little or no
money in circulation -- except [Shin-pattens?]
& Miss--the latter is from 25 to 40 pr
cent discount. You never saw no currency
in such a predicament in your life, as

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