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Heartache day 7. 1841

Dear Sister
I was happy to receive even the short note you sent
me, and am compelled by dearth of intellect to send
you a short a one in return. What can a man say
when his whole soul is absorbed in the computation of
the time which must necessarily elapse between breakfast
and dinner - supper and bedtime? I bade adieu
two months since, to my two best friends, coffee and tobacco
From that time forward I have not been able to
hold up my head in the world. I have languished
for want of the accustomed stimulus. My brain has
become deadened in it sensibilites. I live in a state
of half dreaming unconsciousness - my brightest idea
would do discredit to a man in a doze. I am half asleep
now, tho I have not a dollar in my pocket and the sight
of a constable would stop the circulation of my blood
You are the wife of a Judge. I have a curiosity to know
why you were not made a Judgess on the first ballot.
but I shall learn it when I see you which I shall
do as soon as circumstances will permit -
Your boarder, Columbus, has not yet reached here
send him on. I have seen several people from
your village lately, but did not feel sufficient
interest to to enquire about the affairs of your
little corporation. I want to get all the news from
you and sitser and mother - it comes better from
your lips. my love to mother sincerely yours R H B
we are all well but old Sam he is no better

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