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State of Minnesota
County of Beltrami

Chester A. Oman, County Republican Chairman
512 Beltrami Avenue
Bemidji, Minnesota 56601

Being duly sworn states that under oath wit:

Republican Campaign Headquarters for Beltrami County was
located at the corner of Second Street and Beltrami Avenue and was
under lease from Mr. Roy Wright of Bemidji for period July 1, 1973
to November 30, 1973. The building was under control of the county
committee and the rent of $ 240.00 paid by the county committee.

This location was Campaign Headquarters for the Nixon-Agnew
Committee, Seventh District Congressional candidate Jon Haaven,
U.S. Senate candidate Phil Hansen and the local legislative candidates Allan Habedank and Willys Nord.

The break-in was made during the night or morning hours after
headquarters closed on Sunday October 13, 1973. Entry was gained
by forcing the front door open and breaking the lock.

Materials destroyed were primarily the last joint-mailing of
literature of all the candidates using this headquarters. Destruction
was done by pouring motor oil over all the envelopes and paper material
including bumper stickers, handouts and signs of Presiden Nixon and
Agnew. Attached is a copy of news article in the October 14, 1973,
issue of the Bemidji Pioneer which records this effort to disrupt
the GOP campaign as an organized effort throughout the county.

[Signature of "Chester A. Oman"]
Chester A. Oman

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 12th day of October 1973.

[Signature of "Betty L. Murray"]
Notary Public

Betty L. Murray
Notary Public, BELTRAMI CO.,MINN.
My Commission Expires JUNE 17, 1978

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