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Danl Aston faild to forward No 13.
Majr Wm Steele ditto ------ No 14.
Sam; Cannon -- do --------- No 17.
R.M. Barto do --------- No 18.
Tho Brevard do --------- No 21.
Benj. Springs do --------- No 22.
Thos. Cartwright do ------- No 27.
Davd McMurry do ------- No 30.
Barton & Calhoun entitled to the 1st No at this meeting, which was not returned.
Robt. Donnell, Pettis Ragland & Mr matheral inspectors.
Jas Frazer Secry. Walter Carruth Pr.

Lebanon Aug. 14th. 1823.
The U.L. Society met for the exchange of books

Fergus S. Harris failed to forward his lot No. 2

Pettis Raglin failed to forward his lot No 11.

Richard Hankins failed to forward No 12

Majr Ott failed to forward No. 19 --

Tally & Stafford failed to forward No 20

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