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make his charges in the same way, he does not set
down every article at the day of purchase or sale,
he trusts to memory — he can remember the article,
price, and charge it at any other time he forgets —
makes mistakes. His books are vaguely kept — They
are disputed,- his administrators have no proof but the
books, & other people are are alive to swear to their
accounts or produce other evidence, — Then begin
lawsuits — law opens the door of litigation, —poverty
follows up close and enters with it. Juries and
arbitrators decide these disputes, upon vague uncertain
evidences and somebody suffers the loss. So much for
this any other time. — The farmer's fence is down and
his fields exposed to his neighbor's cattle — but he
has a little job to do first, he can repair his fence.~
Before his any time comes 50 or 100 sheep get into his
field and eat and trample down his wheat, — For want
of an hours work he looses 10, 15, or 20 bushels of wheat.
His apple trees want pruning but he must dress his flax
before he can do it — Warm weather approaches — he will
certainly prune his trees in a day or two — but he'll
finish a little job first, before he has done, the season
has past — it is too late to prune his trees they must
go another year — & half his fruit is lost. — The
flouncing house-wife rises in the morning in haste; for
lazy folks are ever in a hurry — she has not time to put

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