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Copy of Acrostic
Time was when I could act with ease,
Having none but myself to please,
Of all the human race:
My mind yet free from cares of life,
And all my hours devoid of strife
Smoothly moving on apace.
But when a family and years,
Rallied around with high toned cheers,
Each in its turn beguiling,
Vain was my search for ease or quiet,
Alike concerned for clothes and diet
Restless I lived by whiling.
*Death is the end of all these things.
Signed T. B.
Feb. 4th, 1836.
Cap. verse
Rom. VI. 21.

A subject great that bears debate,
Has come within our notice;
I'll take one side what'ere betide
Regardless how the vote is.
Tis whether love, in strongest move,
Does out with greatest power;
Or anger's burst, when raging worst
Does most true peace devour?

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