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A full reward of glory in their shame,
A seats with Satan in his kingdom claim.

Collected from every quarter & source,
On this happy summit we finish our course
Neglecting the futile engagements of youth
Search only the blessings of wisdom & truth
The good & the great whose vigorous mind,
And aspiring Soul, to this place has destined
Not seeking for wealth like the miserly Jew,
The treasure in Men meritum is what we pursue
In the pursuit of which may we merit applause
And firmly together stand close to the cause
Tho. Brevard
Oct. 29 AD. 1803.

April 11th 1790
Sounding titles and rich attire
Are not what causes true desire
Lovely manners virtuous arts
Leave greatest weight on honest hearts.
Youthful beauty, action & airs
Have but delights which time impairs
All virtuous joys are more refined

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