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"Not worth while."
When I was young among the boys,
I oft excell'd in rank & file;
Was greatly pleas'd with trivial toys,
But soon found out 'twas not worth while.
When I got up & in my teens,
Enamour'd much with female smile;
I sigh'd to enjoy the virgin queens!
But found the boon not worth my while
At 21 when men are free,
I strove to appear in handsome style;
From head to foot dress'd capapie —
But this alas! was not worth while.
Progressing on in years space,
As measuring time by league & mile;
I found 1 had run half my race
And nothing done yet worth my while,


Tho' late in life I then must wed,
And family & wealth compile;
But here my filtering prospects fled
These provM alike not worth my while.


If on the wings of fame Ifd rise,
Shunning alike the mean & vile;
T*was but a transitory prize,
And still, but poorly worth my while.


Ky evening sun declining fast
aid, "Aim at nothing puerile."
For vain, & worse, your time hcs pass'd,"