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folder 145: Correspondence, 22-31 March 1824

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Greenesboro March the 22nd

D. Sir

William Clifton called at my Office today, and I proposed to him to execute a release to the Admts of James Mason, to be used by you at your direction, he said he would not do it unless the widow of James Mason would have the Judgt against A. Mason Ross Hutchison & himself released and give him her bond & securaty for the sum of $1000 - He says the aboue are the only terms on which he will release sd Judgt - I suppose we will haue to do the best we can in this buisness, for I think Clifton is not disposed to do any thing tht is right I expect to see Clifton again in a few weeks - Write me what ou haue done in this buisness as soon as conuenient-

Yours &c Jno. M. Dick

Thomas Ruffin Esqr

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folder 146: Correspondence, April 1824

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Thomas Ruffin Esqr Hillsborough North Carolina

Chorley F Bagge April 1824

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folder 147: Correspondence, May 1824

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[Fulding?] L Williams May 1824

Mr Thomas Ruffin Col: Clark Oxford

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folder 095: Correspondence, 1–20 January 1822

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Petersburg 10th Jany 1822

Mr. Thos Ruffin

Dear Sir

will you be good enough to let me know what arrange ments you have made with Mr Momack & A. Masons I am am in hopes they are securd

am extremely anxious to bring the business of the concern of H & [Branch?] as soon as possible you will therefore oblidge me by bringing the different claims you have got to afavorable issue as quick as possible

Yours Resp [&c?] James S. Branden

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Caswell Court House Jany 7th 1822

A.D. Murphey & Thomas Ruffin Esqrs


You have been heretofore advised that you were selected as the Trustees between Hinton & Braun of Petersburg & myself as relates to the purchase of my brother Duncan's Estate & the sale thereof again & that you on so originated in the written agreement between us, bearing date the 14th March 1822 - You have likewise received notice that Messrs Hinton & Braun hold a conveyance for my Real Estate in Petersburg by way of Collatral & additional Security for their debts & advances - I now ad -vise you that it is important to me to have that incumbrance remov -ed from my Petersburg Estate & therefore that I wish all the Es-tates of every description in North-Carolina sold by you at as early a day as convenient that the proceeds may be applied to the relief of my Virgi -nia Property - You will therefore advertise the sale of the whole of it to be had at Person Court-house at March Superior Court [next on?] such audits as you may think best. It is hoped, that it may be more than suf -ficient to pay the whole debt: And I am desirous of reserving a house for my brother's family: - If the other Estates should satisfy the Debts with out a Sale of the Tract ^of Land on which he lives or come within $1000: of it I will allow that to remain unsold, provided he wishes it & you feel yourselves at liberty to hold it longer - It is proper here to remark that it is my intention that the residue of the Estates after the debts contracted for my Brother shall have been satisfied shall [?] to the benefit of my brother's children & as they may have a choice in the specific parts which they would retain, I shall wish you to consult my brother & my nephew C. G. Rose as to the order of offering the seperate parts for sale - Nevertheless I do not mean that you shall be control -ed by them further than your own discretion shall bid you to assent to their wishes - In September last, I executed a Deed of Trust to Mr Sherwood Haywood to secure a debt to the Bank of Newbern, by the Terms of which a Sale can not be forced for some months to come: I wish you to assent to an immediate sale & procure Mr Haywood's concur -rence therein - Out of the proceeds of that sale, of course, the Debt to the Nwebern Bank must first be paid - The residue you will hold as Trustees under the Agreement with Hinton & Braun - About the same time, my nephew C. G. Rose made a Declaration of Trust in my

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Fayetteville January 17th 1822

My Dear Sir,

Mr. McIver not being in Town I regret that I have it not in my power to send you under cover Mr. M's note - I enclose you Mr. McIvers reciept (with an order thereon) for the note; also Mr. McRaes check on State Bank for $628 17/100 balance of your note Mr Yarbrough two notes retired & your stock [with? wrth?] $1,500 retired. are also under cover - - - You will observe that Mr. Hart paid but $85 (which sum was left with him by Mr. Neal for Mr. Yarbrough) & there was $15 14/100 short, which Mr Yarbrough must pay you, as it is deducted from your check - Should you not expect to see Mr. McIver in a short time, you can send his receipt down again & I will get the note & order to dismiss the [Scrit?], as I expect he will be in Town in course of five or six days, perhaps before -

Do you wish the statement you requested me to send you, as an evidence of so much debt paid by you on account of Mr Murphy for

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for if that be the case the Interest that you have been paying on the $6,300 stock note you loaned him should be included! If you wish it I believe I can give such a statement, the Interest however until latterly was paid by him - If you want evidence that the note of $6,300 was a loan to him I can establish that, for I know how the money was applied -

You here have a statement of the present transactions -


Item Amount Total
To A D Murphy. Note for $7585.00
Jnl fr: 4 [?] 16th Jany 1822 - 276.85
Protest - 2.00 7863.85
To Your [phd strik ?] to added to A. D. Murphy due 8th April next 6,300.
deduct Interest - 87.15 6212.85
To Advance for D Yarbrough 15.14
To Check on State Bank enclosed 628.17
Item Amount Total
By [? ? ? ?] at 120 days fr: 16th Inst 11,752.01
By [?] D Yarbrough [?] for $3000 at 60 days 2968.00
Fayetteville January 17th 1822. G W. M. Mill

[manicule] I have kept no [a/c? (account?)] of the above transactions [?]

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some little time we will I know be able to make his property pay his debts -

The debt to the trustees is one most to be regarded- I have just read a letter from Mr Haywood saying; that if application be made to the trustees in a proper manner they might perhaps be prevailed on to extend further indulgences- Now any condition or obligation which it may be thought proper to impose upon Colo. Clement brother William & myself we will cheerfully submit to, for the purpose of gaining the necessary indulgence

If we could be indulged until somtime in may we will have then time to send his negros out to Alabama by our brother who is now at washington city who will be a long some time in march I expect & who will be able to dispose of the negros to an advantage

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folder 096: Correspondence, 21–31 January 1822

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Haw-River. 21 January 1822.

Dear Sir.

Col. Johnston Clemons from Stokes is now at my House. He has been to Chapell Hill to make Arrangements for securing himself and relieving Mr Edward Moore from his embar= =rassements. Himself, Col. Matthew Moore, and Mr William Moore have Agreed to pay his Debts; And the principal Debt being the one he owes the Trustees, they wish if it be possible, to get an Accomodation at the State Bank for that Sum. They had intended to apply to the Bank at Hillsboro ? and for that Purpose had enclosed to you at Hillsboro a note signed by Mr. Ed. Moore, and indorsed by themselves - You not being at home, and Itelling Col. Clemons, that a Discount could not, Iexpected, be had at Hillsboro, he requests me to get your Wife to forward the letter covering the Note, to you at Raleigh, and he entreats you to endeavour to obtain a Discount at the State Bank for the amount of the debt Mr Moore owes the Trustees. He requests you to fill up the Note for this Purpose - & if a further accomodation of $150. could be had, he requests you to include that sum in the Note. He says the Debt to the Trustees is about $1,000, he thinks. Mr Haywood knows.

He says he believes he is the last Endorser, and under that belief he encloses a Check. If he be not, he wishes to get a Discount and the proper Check, he will present himself in a little time, as he intends to return from Stokes as soon as possible ~

He wishes you to draw the money, if it can be had, and apply it in the first place to the Discharge of the Debt to the Trustees, and [crossed out] the balance he wishes you to enclose to Tyson Moore at Chapell Hill - And at all events, to address a line to Mr Ed. Moore to inform him whether the money

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Haw-River. 21". Jany. 1822.

Dear Ruffin.

Ihad intended to write you a long letter this morning; but some Clients coming in, Ihave but a few minutes to write before the Stage passes on -

Isend you an Argument for the Defendants, in the Case of the Governor &c vs Matlock, which Ibeg you to submit - Surely this case must be decided for the Defendants -

Isend to your care a letter to Dr. [Butler?], & one to Mr Boylan.

Ihave entirely forgotten my Cases in the Supreme Court from the last Circuit. I would gladly prepare Arguments in each and had them to you on this day week, if Ihad the names of the Cases. Pray drop me a line by the return of the Stage on Tuesday evening, and give me a list of these Cases.

Is the case of Davidson vs Beard, or Davidson vs somebody else, gone up from Mecklenberg to this [Term?] - Mr A. Henderson and myself agreed to send up a case. Idraw it up, for him to spread out on the record at Mecklenberg at the last Term - It is a case involving the same question as Cowan vs Green. Whether a Judgment Condition seeing out his Execution & having it [levied?], twelve months after the execution of a Mortgage of Negroes, the Mortgage not being registered, shall not have his execution satisfied out of the Negroes. Whether the Mortgage be not void as to him - If this case has gone up, just state in your letter the precise Point. made in it - Iwill send on an argument immediately -

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