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January 31, 1822

Dr Sir

Your father, who is too much indis-
posed to write himself has requested me to inform you that
Mr Lenox has consented to Administor on the Estate of Colo
at the next Rockingham Court. Mr Lenox urged me
repeatedly, and wrote to your to the same purpose to request that
he would use his influence with you, that you would come
to Leaksville to instruct him how to proceed with the [page damaged]
ble property of Colo Campbell, previous to his Administration_
He seems to apprehend that every advantage will be taken
of any false step he may make_ This property is much exposd;
no person stays in the dwelling or Store house, the latter of which has
allready been broken open and some of the goods taken out; most
of which have been recovered_ I have my fears that Mr
Lenox may fly the way if does not see you_ He insisted that I should
take the last Deed of Tract with me for your inspection &
which I now enclose to you_

Your father requests that Mr Boylan should
enclose to you a writ returnable to the next Wake Superior Ct against
the [admr?]. and the securities of Colo Campbell. This writ he
wishes you to give to your brother James Ruffin before he
goes to Guildford Court who, can from thence bring it
to Rockingham Court, where it can be servd on the
[admr?], Cap Barnet & myself_ His object in this is that
a Judgment may be first obtaind against the Est of Colo
, so as to bind all the property of the Est_
We nevertheless expect that the Bank will afford us all
the indulgence they can, to pay off this debt- and by selling
the property on a credit as long as the time given to us by
the Bank, to get a better price for it__

If it should turn out so that you cannot come to Leaks-

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Lucio Alvarez

Est = Estate?