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Philadelphia Feb 12th 1822


From the delay that has [elapsed?] you
might readily conclude that the business that you engaged
me to transact had passed unoticed But this is not
the case but the difficulty of procuring the books has
been considerable & not at all to be accomplished so
far as my exertions can go aided by those of John Hay
& Edmond Strudwick. The coppies which I have
found are Warners [Ectillastico?] History is to be obtained
only at one place the price of which is $3,00-
also Bishop Horsleys tracts against Priestly - 3,25
[Jr?] Borrows Sermons are about to be published this
summer the price of which will be $5.00_ I should
have sent you this statement sooner but was anxious
to satisfy my self that the prices were at the lowest
& [?] the Ballance were to be obtained upon our
terms this Sir is the best information I can offer you
on the subject you can consult your inclination
& if necessary let me know the result_ Be so kind
as to accept my best respect & present them to your
family & Dr. [Webb?] & [my?] family_

[Tom. J. Faddis?]

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