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Washington March 9th. 1824

D Sir

I wrote to Mr Yancy a few days since. I suppose you
will meet at Hills.o next week. We receive here such unfavourable
accounts as to Gallatin's being run for the vice Presidency in N. C.
that I should like for you and him to have a conference upon the
subject and advise me of the result. Mangum says his running will
eindanger the success of Cranwford in his District. You will have seen
the result of the Harrisburg ticket for Jackson and Calhoun - these I
understand are to be supplanted supported, under the expectation of carrying
the vote of N and S.Carolina. Their nomination will certainly ben-
efit us in the Northern and Eastern States. From N.York I have
positive intelligence, that the Senate will reject the Electoral
bill, that in the Senate there are two for one in favour of Cranwford
and in the other House 86, that they will in a few days hold a canvass caucus
and campaign confirm our nomination.s. If they do this all will yet go right.
Clay has played a desperate game and lost every thing, he is much
depressed at the Harrisburg news. He calculated on being named as
vice pres. there. such is his reward for his labours upon the Tariff.
Gallatin has not yet accepted the canvass caucus nomination and as his own
State has refused to support him, it is [anticipated] that he will not.
I am desirous therefore of having the union views of Mr. C Y. and & yourself as to
the effect of running him in N.C. that I may communicate with the
party here. Branch speaks in such [...] terms. Mangum and Car- Conner?
son as well as Long expresses such fears upon the subject, that I en-
tertain some danger. We are still engaged upon the Tariff. on yester-
day we gained an important advantage by striking out the 3rd section of

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