GOLD HILL, : : : TUESDAY, AUG. 24, 1875


In our issue of yesterday we gave the substance of a telegraphic dispatch received from W. H. Virden, business manager of the NEWS, in which he stated that his wife was seriously burned in the Hot Springs at Lake Tahoe. We got the following particulars from Dr. Kirby: They are the substance of a letter received by Frank Kenyon of the Lyon County Times, from his wife, who is at Lake Tahoe. It appears that Mr. and Mrs. VIrden, who were stopping at McKinney's, went across the lake yesterday morning to pay a visit to Mrs. Kenyon. Several of the ladies and gentlemen at the springs concluded to take a bath in the afternoon.

Mr. Virden and his wife were in adjoining rooms. After taking a steam bath Mrs. Virden attempted to take a shower bath, but could not get the apparatus to work. She stepped back a little to discover what was wrong, and fell through a hole in the floor of the room, which it appears was covered by a very thin piece of a board. She was precipitated into the boiling water beneath the bath-room and terribly scalded over her whole person. Mr. Virden, hearing her cries, broke in the door of the room and rescued her from her horrible position. The letter above referred to says that her injuries are of the most serious nature, and there is every reason to fear that they may result fatally.

It certainly seems that a place of public resort, such as the Hot Springs, should be kept in such perfect repair that it would be impossible for an accident of the kind to happen. We hope to hear that the above is a worse account of the sad accident than the facts justify, but up to the time of going to press, heard nothing from Mr. Virden to-day, and are therefore led to fear the worst.

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