border equestrian drama of 5 acts -- Very good -- 2 fine trained horses and a jackass on the stage -- James H [illegible] in the title role -- Bed at 2 very tired - Good house at theater --

Correction to Report Garrard

Wednesday July 11

Cloudy -- AM straightened up things at home -- PM rode on bus to GH & back -- attended meeting Centennial Trustees -- levied another assessment of 3 cts a share on the Centennial -- Evening about town short time -- room -- got to overhauling my copy on Ass'ts and [illegible] & found had made bad job of report in that respect -- Slept 2 hours in my clothes, on bed then rose & worked rest of night on new table of ass'ts & [illegible]

Thursday July 12

Clear & pleasant -- Got my asst & [illegible] statement completed in good form & tried to make morning train for Carson -- got left -- telegraphed to Garrard & he replied that he would hold report for me till tomorrow for correction -- About town -- Evening

My Comstock Report off for Washington
The Old Pioneer Record Book Ba Mayor

ditto -- Bed at 1 -- worn out --

Friday July 13

Same -- Morning train to Carson -- Went to Mint, corrected and fixed up my Comstock report all right and it was forwarded for Washington by this evening's mail -- Was

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Alfred Doten Diaries, 1849-1903 Diary 63-07: July, 1888 - preliminary transcript 4

I, Brigitte left off here on 01/30/2020

Diane Virginia

Question of consistency: Ass'ts and Divs / asst and div statement
On July 12, I edited: "got my Ass'ts & (Div) statement completed in good form," using Ass'ts instead of "asst" because the text under July 11 used Ass'ts and (Divs). However, in Volume 3, page 1708, it is first Asst's and then, next paragraph, asst. Not sure if I should stick to the usage in the published volume or correct for consistency.


I would probably transcribe text "as is" (meaning, lower-case is correct "asst...") rather than correct for consistency.

Doten Diaries

Yes, Doten himself wasn't always consistent in cases like this, and we will check the transcription against the original. We're trying to stay as true to the original as possible.