killing Dave Pyne -- Evidence for prosecution today -- Bed at 12 -- 85º today -- this PM received telegram from wife: "No letter for five days. Is anything wrong? Answer immediately" -- Didn't answer as she will get my letter tonight --

Wednesday July 18

Same -- Evening heard argument in Finlen case -- Went to Jury at 8:30 -- Bed 12 --

Finlen's Verdict Jeffreys Lewis Co

Thursday July 19

Same -- PM a very light shower or so -- not enough to lay the dust -- Thunder & lightning as usual every PM this week -- Jury in Finlen case came into court at 10 AM 10 for acquittal and 2 for manslaughter -- discharged -- Evening at Opera House -- about 1/3 of a house -- Very good -- Bed 1 --

Friday July 20

Same -- About town -- Evening at theater Mrs Jeffreys Lewis & Co in "La Belle Russe" -- Very good -- Slim house -- Bed 1 --

59 years old Cornelia Dog and cat fight

Saturday July 21

Cloudy, quiet & sultry -- very threatening but no rain -- My 59th birthday -- About town -- Got letter from Cornelia, with birthday card -- Evening Mrs Jeffreys Lewis ended her engagement with "Chlotilde" -- Very fine -- About a $40 house -- Match fight at Simon Fraser's saloon between Matt [Riehm's?] bull [illegible] Susie, and Billy

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Diane Virginia

In the last line of this page there are two parenthetical items, one with a name (Riehm's) and another, blank in parenthetical marks in the typed manuscript, replaced in my edit with [illegible] as instructed in the proofing instructions. However, in the published version, that latter blank does not exist. Instead,the text says, "...between Matt Riehm's bull slut Susie..."

Doten Diaries

In cases like this, if the published edition verifies or clarifies a question in the Jaffe transcript, then we can trust the published spelling or the deciphered word or words that are indicated in her transcript as illegible. Careful proofreading against the original diaries was part of the publication process, whereas the typed Jaffe transcripts can be considered as preliminary and incomplete.