McKeighan's wildcat, caught in a trap in 6 mile canyon -- I visited the cat in the PM -- It is a young lynx -- At the fight it was given no show -- Its sind claws had all been pulled out and it was almost choked to death by a strap round its neck before the dog was let at it -- It was not much of a fight -- The dog chewed its flanks for

Total Lunar Eclipse United Order of Honor

about 15 minutes till it died -- Dog not much hurt -- The contest was a brutal fraud on the cat & its [abettors] Bed at 1 --

Sunday July 22

Same -- Much thunder & lightning PM & especially evening, but no rain -- Evening total eclipse of the moon about 10 oclock for about an hour -- Finely visible to everybody -- at home most of day -- Evening down town -- Bed at 12 --

Monday July 23

Same-- Bed 1 -- A lodge of United Order of Honor instituted here last week, by Alexander Rothenstein, from San F -- insurance association -- very cheap -- SF Chronicle makes it out a fraud-- Over 100 members -- quite a stir --

Wedding anniversary Fire Mrs Bob Patterson

Tuesday July 24

Same -- A light shower about noon -- Rather of a sultry day -- 84 [?]
anniversary of my wedding on Lake Tahoe 15 yrs ago -- Was about town on insurance, but accomplished nothing -- Evening ditto -- Bed 12 --

Wednesday July 25

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Diane Virginia


Diane Virginia

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