Diary 68-07: July, 1892 - preliminary transcript



few items in Enterprise -- read all the proofs, etc -- Bed at 3 --

Sunday July 3

Same -- Much flag & other decorations going ahead all day for the 4th -- I about town etc -- Bed 12 --

Independence Day -- "Lights O'London" -- 1892 Nicholls -- [Wilber?] Dramatic Co

Monday July 4, 1892

Clear & pleasant -- 86 -- Had a $900 celebration here -- Procession & usual exercises, & PM the "Horribles" But a big crowd went to Carson -- The National Guard went -- Big crowd got there from Reno also, & they had a big lot of the GAR from California, so had a bigger celebration by far than we had here -- Evening no fireworks, here, except general -- Big ball of Battery A, and the Emmet Guard, at National Guard Hall -- I was there awhile -- Bed 2 --

Tuesday July 5

Same -- As usual -- Received letter from Nicholls and sent reply to it by return mail -- Bed 12 --

Wednesday July 6

Same -- The AM train brought from Carson brought 50 or 60 G.A.R. et al -- They left in evening -- I was at theater "Lights O'London" McCann, Lizzie Kendall & good Co -- good house & play -- They are playing all this week [Wilber?] Dramatic Co. -- Bed at 1 --

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"The Two Orphans" -- Bro Charlie Collier-Caldwell Examination

Thursday July7

Same -- Rec'd long letter from Bro Charlie through my wife, Reno -- Wants Bessie to come East & be in his family, etc -- Evening at theater "The Two Orphans" -- Slim house -- Bed 11 --

Friday July 8

Same-- at 10AM took 'bus to Gold Hill, being subpoened as witness in Collier- Caldwell rape case -- in Justice Cook's court -- I was to testify to writing a letter for or introducing JC Caldwell to Dr GH Thoma, Supt of the State Insane Asylum, Reno, as showing that he was trying at that time -- Feb 27th last -- to get her into the asylum as a helpless imbecile. The examination took place with closed doors, no witnesses being admitted -- Bessie told her sad story, how her ravishment was accomplished & followed up at numerous subsequent times by Collier -- She being now about five months gone in a family way -- Yet she seems to be totally unconscious of the fact or her condition, being simple minded and imbecile & innocent -- Her father

Collier-Caldwell Rape Case -- "The Child Stealer" Charlie's letter -- Muldoon's Picnic

testified as to Collier's frequenting the premises and his having frequently left her in his charge when obliged to be absent from home at work or on business. Dr Harris testified as to the girl's condition -- Collier declined or waived his right to make ay statement or introduce testimony in defence. The court considered

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that there was sufficient evidence to justify holding defendant to answer before the Grand jury, therefore bound Collier in the sum of $500 to appear before the Grand jury. Collier failing to furnish the $500 security was remanded to the custody of the sheriff and taken back to the county jail -- I was about town some, and returned to Va on 1 PM 'bus. Evening theater -- "The Child Stealer" -- Very good -- Slim house -- Bed 1 --

Saturday July 9

Same -- I copied Charlie's long letter this morning, wrote 4 page one to wife enclosing Charie's letter with it by evening mail -- Evening theater -- "Muldoon's Picnic" -- Big house -- Trashy performance -- Bed 1 --

(Rain) -- Nicholls -- Exempt Meeting -- Cooler weather close of the Wilber Dramatic Co

Sunday July 10

Cloudy & cooler -- 1 or 2 very light showers of rain about noon -- PM variable -- Letter from Nicholls returning, Centennial documents -- I replied by evening mail -- PM at regular monthly meeting of Exempts. Evening theater -- last of the Wilber Dramatic Co -- Three small plays -- "In honor Bound," "My Uncle's Will, " and a farcical windup entitled "Penelope Ann." Slim audience. Bed at 12. Very good show -- They leave tomorrow morning.

Cooler Weather -- Bessie 18 -- Eunice one-legged gymnast -- Dick Hicks

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Monday July 11

Clear & cooler -- 65[degrees] -- Passed about as usual -- Bed at 1

Tuesday July 12

Same -- Letter from wife with one from Eunice proposing to have Bessie come over and live with her & go to Normal School, San Jose. I replied at once with letter of approval -- Bed at 12 -- 60[degrees]

Wednesday July 13

Same -- Bessie's 18th birthday -- About town as usual -- Sent a letter to wife -- Evening sensation was a one-legged strolling gymnast or acrobat performing on C st, front of post office -- horizontal bar, etc -- Very good -- free show -- passed the hat -- Bed at 12 -- Dick Hicks one of the old time young Comstock printers arrived from Reno & elsewhere today -- He use to be one of the Gold Hill News compositors, under my jurisdiction and I havent seen him since I was in SF last -- About 50 yrs old -- noted as one of the fastest & best compositors on the Pacific Coast. He looks seedy & wants a job. He will probably go to work on the Va

Dick Hicks -- Wife -- Nicholls

Evening Chronicle tomorrow or next day, so he tells me. His real name is Oliver Henry Hicks -- subbing for Steve Gillis for a couple of days -- born near Nashville, Tennessee, Dec 22, 1843, raised in Quincy, Illinois & came to Pacific coast at early date --

Thursday July 14

Same -- About town -- Bed at 1 -- cold

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Friday July 15

Same -- PM wrote 4 page letter to wife about Bessie -- Evening about town -- Bed 12

Saturday July 16

Same -- Evening Enterprise awhile -- Bed 12

Sunday July 17

Same -- Bed 12 -- Received letter from A Nicholls today about Centennial --

"Tuxedo" - Thatchers Minstrels

Monday July 18

Clear warm & pleasant -- 86[degrees] -- About town as usual -- Evening at Opera House -- Thatchers Minstrels and Rich & Harris Comedy Co in themusical farce "Tuxedo" -- Dickie [Jose?] with them -- Crowded house and most excellent & satisfactory entertainment -- Bed at 1

Tuesday July 19

Same -- Bed 1

Wednesday July 20

Same -- Warmer -- 87[degrees] -- About town as usual -- bed at 12 -- Birthday tomorrow 63 yrs old --

63 years old -- Wife in California -- Eunice Mrs Gov Stevenson Dead

Thursday July 21

Clear & pleasant -- 88[degrees] -- My 63d birthday -- Was about town as usual -- Bed at 12 --

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