Diary 68-08: August, 1892 - preliminary transcript



Thursday Aug 4

Same -- 86[degrees] -- Evening attended the Weaver-Leese reception -- & speaking at Theater -- Densely crowded with gents & ladies -- I got a good seat on the stage -- [Powning?] presented & made best little introductory speech I ever heard him, last 15 minutes -- Genl Weaver followed with a first class well delivered speech of 1 1/2 hours, Then Mrs Lease spoke an hour, giving one of the best if not the best and most eloquent address I ever heard from a woman -- Splendid style voice and elocution -- All well applauded -- I was at Enterprise afterward, reading proof etc -- Bed 2 --

Friday Aug 5

Same -- Bed 1 --

Saturday Aug 6

Same -- I attended Caledonian picnic -- Tom Dick gave me a ticket. Rode on a flat each way -- Dined with Sandy McMartin at the Arlington -- Returned at 8, very tired & sorefooted -- Found letters at the P.O. from Wife and Sammy -- from Reno -- She returned from California at 11:30 -- Thursday night -- Said she spent Monday and

Wife Returned to Reno -- Sammy & Photos Carson Mint Superintendency

Tuesday at Eunice's -- Sammy's letter was accompanied by a dozen photos, additional to those he sent awhile ago -- 7 of me standing with hat on, 3 of me sitting without hat, and with father's old fiddle in lap, and two of the musical trio -- I, Bessie & Sam. Bed at 12 --

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Sunday Aug 7

Clear, warm & pleasant -- 86[degrees] -- About town as usual -- Evening I was at ME Church awhile for a novelty -- Then went to my room wrote & fixed up this journal book to date -- Bed at 12 --

[Sodality?] Picnic -- Henry O'Shea's sudden death

Monday Aug 8

Clear & pleasant -- 86[degrees] -- Passed about as usual -- Bed 1 -- Evening at Lodge --

Thursday Aug 9

Same -- Bed 1 --- Catholic [Sodality?] picnic today at St Mary's Hospital Park, lower part of the city. About 2 PM Henry O'Shea, about 15 yrs old, only son of Martin O'Shea was walking up Union st from the picnic with another boy when he suddenly threw up his arms and fell, bleeding from the mouth. He was taken into a house near by, and died in about five minutes. He had evidently ruptured a blood vessel. He was rather of a puny, weakly youth and had engaged some in the games and partaken of a plate of ice-cream -- Being overheated caused the bursting of the blood vessel. The day was very warm -- 86[degrees] in the shade -- but this was no case of sun-stroke --

Pat Ford Dead -- "The Little Tycoon" Blackwater Jack" Sick

Wednesday Aug 10

Same -- PM cloudy & cooler -- PH Ford an old resident and business grocery man of

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this city died this PM -- Evening I was at Opera House -- A pleasant entertainment entitled "The Little Tycoon" by well drilled members of the 4th Ward School -- mostly girls -- mostly songs & choruses -- About 20 on stage at a time -- Pretty fair house -- about 2/3 -- Afterward at Enterprise -- Bed 1 -- About 5 PM I visited Jack Craze, An old friend, keeping a saloon and lodging house on South C st, opposite the Savage office. He is very sick from Pleura-pneumonia and sent for me -- He is generally known among his brother "Cousin Jacks," as "Blackwater Jack" and a mighty good man.

Harry Nye's Accident -- Cooler

Thursday Aug 11

Cloudy, Breezy, cooler -- 72[degrees] -- Harry Nye was badly if not fatally hurt this morning about 8. He is a member of the Fire Department, Fire alarm at that time -- He was on one of the hose carts, with the driver, Emery Smith. In dashing out for the fire, down the steep grade south from the corporation house the cart got off over the steep embankment and hillside and turned over. Harry got beneath the cart and had his right thigh and knee badly broken and both wrists broken and dislocated. Also had his nose broken. His right leg was so badly smashed up that it had to be amputated about midway of the thigh. Smith and the horse got considerably bruised and cut up, but will get around again shortly. Evening about town -- Bed 12 --

PH Lannan -- JH Tillon Dies -- Ford's Big Funeral

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Friday Aug 12

Clear and pleasant -- 85[degrees] -- Pat Lannan of the olden days arrived this morning from San Francisco -- after 23 years absence -- Will leave for his home in Salt Lake tomorrow evening -- I met and went about with him awhile -- Wrote notice of him in both the Chronicle and Enterprise -- Evening about town & at Enterprise -- Bed 3 --

Saturday Aug 13

Same -- The funeral of PH Ford was the feature of the day. Largest I ever saw here. 103 carriages followed the hearse, and 200 men on foot preceded it. Artillery Band, the Emmet Guard, detachments of the National Guard and Battery A of the Artillery, societies etc -- Took place about noon from Catholic church -- JH Tilton native of Ohio one of the oldest Comstockers died last night, aged 72 -- father of the first white child born on the Comstock -- Virginia Tilton -- Pat Lannan left for

Exempt -- Financial -- Venus -- CC Goodwin HP Cohen

Salt Lake this evening. I was about town as usual -- bed 12 --

Sunday Aug 14

Same -- 86[degrees] -- AM wrote out my report as chairman of Committee on Finance on reports of Secretary and Treasurer of Exempts. Presented same at regular monthly meeting this PM, duly signed by CM Brown and Bart Burke the other 2 committeemen -- Accepted and filed. Dined with Phil Doyle of Carson at the City Bakery. Bed at 12 -- Tilton's funeral this PM well attended -- Before going to bed I wrote a brief

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letter to Hon CC Goodwin editor Tribune Salt Lak City Utah enclosing clips from Chronicle and Enterprise about Lannan. HP Cohen who used to be business manager of the Enterprise went from San Francisco out to Salt Lake a few days ago to have some employment on the Tribune, so Pat Lannan told me -- About noon today many people & I saw Venus very distinctly, high up in the western sky.

Charley Noe heard from -- 3 fites in 24 hours Little Tippett

Monday Aug 15

Cloudy & pleasant -- 86[degrees] -- About town as usual -- Bed 12.

Tuesday Aug 16

Clear and pleas[ant?] -- 86[degrees] -- About noon received following telegram from CB Noe, Ashland Oregon: "Alf Doten, care Virginia Enterprise, Please send me twenty dollars, by telegraph until I come" -- I replied: "Would accomodate, but been flat broke for a year." About town as usual -- Bed 12 --

Wednesday Aug 17

Same -- 89[degrees] -- Passed as usual -- Bed 12

Thursday Aug 18

Same -- As usual -- Evening at theater -- Comedy Co from the East, producing "Little Tipppett," a 3 act farcical comedy - Very good & funny & well played -- fair house. Was at Enterprise with a few items etc -- Bed 1 -- [Fire?] alarm this evening -- in

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