Sharkey and Jeffries fought -- 20 rounds at Woodward's Pavilion, S.F. Jeffries was declared winner at the end of the 20th round -- Pretty even sort of a fight -- Bed 12 -- (The French ship captured was released next day.)

Saturday May 7

Same -- Official report from Dewey received at Washington this morning -- That of Thursday was hasty or premature -- (see opposite page) He reports that he cut the telegraphic cable to Hong Kong for a starter, then went into Manila harbor and totally destroyed the Spanish war fleet, of 11 vessels and silenced the land batteries -- Spaniards loss, 150 men and 300 or 400 wounded -- No American loss -- half a dozen wounded -- no ship damaged -- He is in full command of the situation and calls for troops to help him hold it -- They will commence going to him from San F next week probably -- Great rejoicing throughout the whole country today, San Francisco, the Comstock, Carson etc -- At Va, the flags & decorations went up -- Band paraded during the PM, and great military parade in evening, procession, torchlight, music, etc -- Here in Reno it was like the 4th of July in flags

48 -- Reno's Dewey Celebration
Inter-collegiate Athletic Contest
Adolph Sutro -- a Hopeless Imbecile

& decorations -- Evening the University cadets and Company C, NNG, paraded the streets with band, and there was big meeting at crossing of Virginia and Third streets -- President Stubbs of the University presided & made speech --

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