Monday May 16

Cloudy & cold -- At home most of day, finishing my 1896 journal job -- Got it completed, with the last word of December and the year at 7:30 PM having taken me a full week of steady work to do up the year in good shape -- This shows how much time it takes to write a year of this Journal -- Would take over a year at this rate to copy the whole of it from the beginning, March 18, 1849. Evening down town awhile -- Fresh war news very meagre -- Sampson and Schleys fleets don't find the big war fleet of

War News Summary -- Spanish Gunboat Added to
Dewey's Fleet -- Rough on the Reconcentrados
Blanco's Cheek -- 1898

the Spaniards yet, although they are expected to at any moment -- The steamer Gussie which left Tampa on the 10th instant with a load of soldiers and supplies has got back to Key West -- totally unable to effect a landing on the Cuban coast -- The insurgents were not on hand to receive them at any of the proposed points, but the Spaniards were -- Owing to the blockade, provisions are extremely short in Havana, and Blanco has seiged all supplies sent to the relief of the starving reconcentrados to feed his troops with and has driven the reconcentrados out of the city into a barren part of the country to starve which they do with the greatest facility -- very few being left to fight about or to relieve. "Swiftwater

62 -- "Swiftwater Bill" Drowned
Sudden Death of Remenyi, the Famous Violinist

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Note: Journal began March 18, 1849.

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