Bill", otherwise William C Gates, the richest and most noted of Klondike millionaires was drowned on the 9th instant by going through the ice in Lake Bennett, on his way back to Klondike -- Two women and a man were also drowned with him -- One of the women was Nellie Lamore, his sister in law, the other's name not given -- The other man was J S M Wolfe of Salt Lake, Bill's partner -- It is supposed that as they all went in together, a strong current carried them away under the ice -- (see page 81) -- Edouard Remenyi, the famous violinist died very suddenly of heart disease in San Francisco on Sunday afternoon very appropriately before a large audience at the Orpheum -- on the stage with his violin in his hand -- He was in the act of responding to a very enthusastic encore, when he suddenly weakened and fell forward upon the stage at the footlights -- He was taken away and doctors summoned at once, but the great master of the violin was dead -- He was a Hundarian by birth, aged 64 years -- Been in this country many years -- Was quite wealthy (see page 64) --

1898 -- Dewey Aftermath from Manila

Tuesday May 17

Cloudy with light showers, PM and evening -- Odd jobs, writing, etc -- Statistics of the Spanish losses through Dewey at Manila

66 -- The New Cavalry Co -- Recruits from Wadsworth
Latest War News -- Big Naval Battle Pending

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(see page 81)
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