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letters from wife and one from Sam both tabooing me worse and worse -- Evening sent Brief letter to wife, inclosing Eunice's and Bessie's -- Busy day in Legislature as usual and evening session of Senate considered the woman suffrage amendment to State constitution to amend article 2, by striking out, wherever it occurs, the word "male." After much argument it was lost by vote of 7 to 5 -- 2 absent -- no "constitutional majority" -- Bed 11 -- Still very blustering & cold -- but no snow or rain --

My Ultimatum to Geo R Vardy -- 1899
Senator Williams $3
Carson Water Trouble -- The 20th Century?
The Old Storm Prediction Fails

Thursday March 2

Same -- Evening I sent short note to George R Vardy, Wells Herald -- "Yours of the 27th the ultimo received which closes as follows: "I do not find that I can pay you at the rate of $5 per letter, but send you $25 at my earliest convenience -- Is this satisfactory?" It will not be satisfactory you send it at once, and not "within a few weeks," thus proving that you are not a "dead beat" as you term it. Yours Alf Doten. Big busy day in Senate -- held evening session also -- Bed at 12 -- wind moderated very much -- clear and cold -- Senator Williams, $3 today --

Friday March 3

Clear & pleasant -- No storm following the big three days wind -- The old sign failed this time -- Evening at the county court house -- Citizens meeting

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