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[March 6, 1962]

taxi 2-70
breakfast- 2.80- shoe repair 1.00
lunch with Bob Anderson
King Vidor, Mrs. Anthony Quinn
Sandra Dee- Mrs. [Wax?] +
several others inc. Mrs. J Alden Carpenter.
Call from Mr. Sweely-
Interview with Marsh of UCSA
he drove me to the rehearsal then
back, presents 22.15 + (5.08 cash)

Mr. Nesbit + friend 5:45 til 7.
Agnes arrived went to visit her
sister Zara, family there also Betty
+ her husband. Little Zara Gale has
beautiful voice. (to be 16 on 28 [?].)
Salad served. Nice time- home at 10:20
Franz came loaded, retired 12:20.

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My Mother, Betty Mae Peters Porter, shared this story with me of when my cousin Zara Gale, the granddaughter of Zara Cully Brown, sang for Marian Anderson. This gives documentation to the story. My grandmother Agnes was Marian Anderson's Seamstress for many years.