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lay in the liquer a little time each
heating -- This purifies the Copper, &
takes all the bad [week], so that it does
not decompose in the Air, nor is un
wholesome to use either for drinking
or eating utensils.

When the Copper is thus
purified, you put it in the Crucible,
set it in the Wind Furness, let it melt
till it [weeks], pour out the Mass, pulverise
it, add a spoonful of the other Mass
to it, & stir them well with a Stick
& stop you mouth in this operatn
& put a Piece of [pech] Butter in
you Mouth which prevents the
bad effects of the Vapour, & spit it
out again -- To ℥ss [half ounce] of the Metal
put ℥ [ounce] iss [1 1/2] of the Powder, when it is
well mixd, put in some [chap] broken glass
let it melt, & take it out again, & put

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