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upon flexible grounds.

174 Transparent Varnish
[less?] drying—
R Sanaendarach ℥üÿ — Gum
Elemi ℥v — Oil of Aspic [℥ ?] — [symbol] [ttvÿ?]

Pulverese the Sanderac, but
break the other Gums into small
Pieces — & put the whole into a [Mattras?]
& [stop?] the mouth with [tt?] [avehment?], &
shake well to prevent the Gum sticking
to the Bottom — & you may make this
Varnish by shaking the [eleattros?] for
an Hour — [?] left drying their
the furl , & maybe put up in ery

175 White Varnish
Rx [recipe] [Aeaske?] Sanderac ea ℥i
Thurkentine ℥ss . Oil of
Aspic ℥ÿ —

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