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Receipts pages
For A Groom Ointment 1.
Water to Wash an Old Ulcer or Green Wound 1.
Gangreen Water 1.
Bite by a Mad Dog 1. 2.
Cholick in a Horse 1.
A Horse Bowels gall'd or Back Chafed 2.
Swellings or Green Wounds 2.
To take out flies 2.
For a Dangerous Bruise or Ulcer 2.
To cure a Splint 3.
To Take the Hair off a Horse 3.
To Day Heal & Skin a Sore 3.
To prevent flies from Stinging 3.
To make Horse Balls 3.
A Drink for the Shangles 4.
To Kill Rats 4.
Powder for the Eyes 4.
To Cure the Murrain 5.
To Expel Worms [ibm]
A Drink for the Jaundeus [ibm]
Cure for the Ague 6.
For Worms in Children [ibm]
To draw Tooth [ibm]
For the Hickup [ibm]
An Oil for Bruise or wound 7
a Good Poultaise for a Sore Breast 7

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