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A rare Ointment for a Strain to [easnes?]
on Srinking in the nerves 7
A Mouth water for [Suinvey?] to restore Gums
and Fasten Teeth 8
For a Child that has a Weak Back 8
To Make Lozenges Good for Heart Burn 8
For the Rheumatism 9
For Bleeding at Nose 9
For the Stone and Gravel 10
Do 10
For the Stone in the Kidney 11
To make [Balsom?] 11
To make Green Ointment 12
To make the Brown Plaster 12
For foot [halt waler?] in Sheep 13
For the [Scab?] in a Hogs [Do?] 13
another[ Do?] 14
A Salve for a how wound or [Douiaus bros?] 9
To Stop Blooding
An Oyntment for all wounds of [Akos?] 15
Swellings or [Samouoss?] 15
for a Wound that is full of paine
Dr Ratcliffs Receipt for a Consumption 18
by [?] Pain
for a [drip?] of the [Sinous?] 19

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