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August 13th 1857

In the morning called at Macfarlane's bade
Mr Young & the rest good bye at the
head of Infirmary Street. Met several students
& while standing speaking to them, Saw Sophia
& James Forbes coming down. Walked down the
Bridge with them, left S. to go to D. Thomson's
& J. F. & I went to see Fred at the Brewery.
J. F. & I in the afternoon went down in the
Leith coach & called on John Moore. Saw Mrs
. bade them good bye. Walked along to
Trinity & dined there. Fred did not come down.
Went down to the greenhouse to smoke got a
fuschia which S. wrapped up for me, bade
Mr. R. good bye. Maria asleep. Did not awake
her. bade Mrs. F. good bye. S. came to the door,
nearly broke down at last on leaving all
my dearest friends [good bye--2 lines drawn through this] for how long? had to run
off to the train. J. F. with me. We called
again on Fred & then I went home. Oh such
a trial I had, tried to keep off the evil
moment to the last but the hour came

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