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directs everything for the best My prayer
will always be that we may be long spared
& that we may one day meet again. This hope
will make me [stive] strive with the help & blessing
of God to perservere through every difficulty
that I may one day be enabled to repay in
some measure all your kindness to me.
I remained on deck until the bell
sounded for dinner 4 oclock the sea was
beautifully calm the sun shone brightly
+ we were gradually losing sight of land
I wrote a letter which I gave to the pilot
to take on shore with him he left us when
we had cleared the needles.
The Victuallis department is most handsomely
attended to in this ship, the dinner today
was fit for a prince. We had soup fish,
roast beef & mutton covd dishes fruit, bread
cheese - lettuce nuts with a plentiful allowance
of wine of all kinds Sherry port Claret
Madeira Champagne Hock plenty ale
& porter, in fact I wonder how the P & O

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