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bewildered & could not do either one thing or another
up goes the Captain to the purser of the vessel
& brought him down A Hindoo preceeding
with a lamp which he held in his arms
stationed himself at the door the others came
in & the Captain after giving them all a complete
blowing up got his bed & I heard no more of it
that night I awoke about 4 oclock A M
the ship was pitching from end to end & rolling
about the water dashing on our cabin windows
& without the noise & din was completed by the
natives whom we have on board they were
putting on sail & making such a yelling
about it as I never heard in my life before
we have 30 or 40 of them on board who
are from all quarters Hindoo's Musselmans
Malays & I dont know all what they squat
about all parts of the ship forward & you
are very apt to tumble over them in
the dark & I felt that if I got up I should
be very sick so I lay still in my

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