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dark blue waves with every inch of canvass spread
out there is a fine breeze & the sails are filled
to the utmost there is something stirring in
bounding free & uncontrolled over the sea.
had not the idea that every knot we go takes
me further from my beloved home. The sky is
beautiful overhead the sun shining brightly
there are very few on deck compared with the
number we had on leaving Southampton there
is a struggle here & there more than half the
passengers are in their berths sick I can scarcely
keep my legs on deck yet every roll the ship
gives sets me trembling to the other side.
Afternoon we have got an awning put up over
the quarter deck as the sun is getting very hot
some of the more hardy passengers are walking
up & down the quarter deck Some are sitting
reading some lying on cushions & others looking
as if they would willingly part with their
breakfast. the ship is rolling heavily from
side to side & nothing is visible round &
round except the broad blue expanse

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