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way to India to join their regiments. we have now
entered the Bay of Biscay the sea does not run
a bit higher than it has done since we left the
Channel. I believe at this season of the year
it is generally very quiet the water seemed
very smooth but there is a great swell on
which makes the ship roll about. I am
writing this in my book lying on deck with
my blue flannel suit on (which I find useful)
I have got up some sofa pillows from below
which make a very good couch most of the
passengers have these folding chairs with
them & they are certainly very useful on board
ship. The only faces at all familiar to me
here are 6 or 8 officers of the 34th that I used
to see marching to the park. I have been trying
to make out the course we shall steer for
India in Sullivans geography. we do not go
through the Bay of Biscay entirely rather
across it & Strike out into the Atlantic
then pass the Madeira & Canary islands
down by the Coast of Africa & go round the

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