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& this too with the bottle tossing about with the wind.
I never Saw a better shot made. I have got hold of a
book called prairie Bird which I am reading
just now. I have read it before but it keeps to pass
away the time it is a lazy life on board Ship.
Nothing at all to do but eat & sleep & pass away
the time as you best can. I intend beginning to
learn Hindoostanee as soon as I feel all right &
fit to study in the meantime I could not Settle
to it, so as to make anything of it.

Wednesday. August 19th 1854.

Nothing has happened to day worth noting in.
fact it is the Same thing over & over again every
day. at 2 o clock we saw another homeward
bound vessel about 5 or 6 miles distant.
We are always too far distant from them to send
off a boat & I don't Know that it would be safe
in Such a rough Sea -- to do so the cheif
engineer when I asked him whether we even
likely to stop to Send letters home in any
vessel he said he did not think they would
as it would cost 3/ a minute all the Time

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