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deck until 9 or 10 oclock when there is
singing going on both among the sailors in
the forecastle & the passengers on the Quarter
deck. Some of the sailors sing well & with
good taste & feeling & I must say I like better
to listen to the singing of these honest heated
fellows than to be in the company of the more
distinguished & fashionable Most of them
seem to think of nothing else from morning
to night but playing cards gambling &
betting I can see the sovereigns change
owners very quickly I believe there is
one man on board who has already lost
£150. I can notice that they play
for higher stakes every day I dont know
what it will be before we reach Calcutta
The surgeon tells me that In a ship
which he went out before one man
gambled away not only all his
money but even his outfit & landed
without a shirt to out on. So much
for gambling - we passed in a line

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