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form. The officers of the ship sailors & natives were
all drawn upon the quarter deck in full dress. The
officers with cap & gold band blue cloth dress &
brass buttons. The sailors with blue jackets
white trousers & straw hats all smart & clean.
Some of the natives were dressed in the same way,
but a good many had on the eastern costume
& richly variegated silk dresses the
roll being called they were all sent off and the
order given to ring the bell for church. The cheif
officer & purser then read over the Church of
England service having the Union Jack.
spread over the capstan for a pulpit.
We had books provided by the ship Has
little of real religion there is in the Church
of England service compared with our own
good old Scotch system. Here there is
merely repetition of words it comes to be a
mere matter of form while in our system
we have a thorough heartstirring discourse
delivered by a man who has religion
really at heart. This in effect was

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