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to the rules of the ship (although every one
can take as much as he pleases below) 20 of the
steward's stopped him & put hands on him
he immediately knocked them both down
I do not know what will be done to him I rather
think it will be passed over with a reprimand
from Colonel Lys who is on board. If he was
put under arrest there would very likely
be some mutiny. Our surgeon is a very nice
quiet fellow & well informed in all the
details of his profession. We often sit in
his cabin at night & talk over college
days in Ednr. We were sitting last night
in his cabin enjoying the cool breeze
through an open port when a wave dashed
right in upon us which we had to
beat a retreat & get the ports shut to keep
out such unfriendly visitors our Latitude
today is 22.47 North Long 23.45 W
174 miles

Wednesday Augt 27th 1857

Every one is now talking of crossing

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